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(Oh, geez, I haven't updated in how long?? I blame not having enough recs and trying to avoid the free-for-all giant post of giantness. Looks like I failed at that last one.)

Everything But the Picket Fence by lucia_tanaka | 'I'm not drinking that.' | PRT + Uncle Pat, PG.

Five Reasons Anderson Kind of Hates Rachel by lucia_tanaka and polaris_starz | Keith was many things. Modest was not one of them. | Keith/Rachel, Keith/Anderson, PG.

Hugging by themistoklis | "You know, folks," he said, making the corner of Jon's mouth twitch. "I wish I could hug each and every one of you, mostly because--" | Jon/'Stephen', PG.

Microfics by charlie_d_blue | 'Motherfucker!' | Jon/Stephen, PG-13. ♥

The Morning After by favabean05 | What the hell happened last night? | Stephen/Anderson, Jon/Stephen, PG-13.

Moving Day by raysgal | “Well, just so you know I’m buying you a toaster. That’ll be one less item for your registry.” | Jon/Stephen, JohnO/Amy, Denis being amazing, PG-13.

News drabbles by karanquni | 'It's not my job,' he says to the plaster and wood, but he's not convinced, and he's not satisfied. | Drabbles, PG-13.

Shame (Never Crept Close To Our Naked Feet) by trustingno1 | Stephen's reply is simple - yes - and he reads it as his thumb traces circles around his wife's ankle. | Jon/Stephen, R.

Untitled AU fic by raysgal | "Well, this is awkward.' | AU!Jon/Stephen, PG.

Untitled North By Northwestern fic by free_spoons | 'What the fuck is this crap?' | One-sided!Stephen/Rahm, PG-13

Untitled Rahm-related drabble by slasheuse | 'Jon,' Stephen says, with the wide-eyed fervour of a Catholic priest novitiate (of a comedian-pundit who's been up all night), 'he interviewed Rahm. Did you see it? He interviewed Rahm.' | One-sided!Stephen/Anderson, PG.
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04 February 2009 @ 22:34
Yes, it's me again. You guys miss me? :]

For You? Eight Nights by blowjobsalways | Jon had given up in trying to understand the growing number inanimate objects that had taken to Stephen. | Oneshot, PG (also brief Keith/Anderson).

Just A Bump On the Head by raysgal | 'You hit Stephen in the head with a door. Yeah, no hidden hostility there.' | Oneshot, PG-13.

Stephen Colbert May Be A Traditional Man, But Jon Stewart is Not an Honest Woman by tuesdayfic | 'As you know, I'm a traditional man--' Stephen said and got down on one knee, reaching a hand into his coat pocket and withdrawing a small box. He snapped it open, revealing a glint of gold and diamond, '--and I think it's time I made you an honest woman.' | Oneshot, PG.

Three Jon/Stephen Fics by raysgal | 'Zombies or vampires?' | Oneshots, all PG-13.

Time For Thanks by nm_317 | He knows he should force his eyes open, be a good guest, but he’s so tired and this soft wool against his cheek feels so good. | Oneshot, PG-13 (also brief Stephen/Paul/Amy).

Untitled ficlet by _lady_vanilla_ | 'Seriously, you rearranged the office party for today or something?' | Drabble, unrated.

wait/breathe by vinylsigns | A hand draws him in deeper into safety, and he can barely make out Sam and Jason holding onto each other and he doesn’t mind that he has to stoop a little to cling to Jon, palm ghosting the small of his back. | Oneshot, G.

What Is and Never Should Be by regicidaldwarf | Because apparently there can never be too much of Stephen getting drunk at the Christmas party and making out with Jon. | Oneshot, PG-13ish.
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16 December 2008 @ 17:46
In the long run, it's a lot easier just to put every single Rahm-related fic here rather than trying to divide them up just according to pairings. Just check the tags.

(I'm also SO not going to try to tackle the epicness of University!fic. That's for another post altogether. Until then (probably tomorrow), enjoy these nuggets of glory and win.)

24 Hours at the Tony Starrk Kitten Club by charlie_d_blue | 'BARACK. THIS CLOWN. FUNDING. CUT. NOW.' | Tony/Rahm, Anderson/Keith, RachelPepper, Rachel/Jack Harkness, Jon/Stephen; Rish.

The Colbert Rapport by evercourant | Colphen Stebert is mostly in love with Rahm Emanuel. | BAND!AU. Jon/Stephen, unrequited!Stephen/Rahm, Rahm/Michelle; PG.

A Day in the Life of Rahm Emanuel, Who Knows How To Keep His Bitches in Line by evercourant | Rahm's eyes snap open at six o'clock sharp, because if that's what he wants to do, his body better fucking shape up and listen. | Rahm/everyone (except Jon Stewart); Rish.

Leash by karanguni | 'Why put so much money on a goddamned leash?' | Anderson/Rahm; unrated.

No Blow Jobs Were Involved in the Making of This Story by everysecondtues | 'Why the hell is my second favorite suit at the cleaners?' | Rahm/Tom, Rahm/Jon, Jon/Stephen, Amy E/Rachel; PG-13.

The Rahm Emanuel Toss by two_if_by_sea | Jon, marry me. | Jon/Stephen, unrequited!Stephen/Rahm, confused!puppy!Anderson; PG.

Untitled by evercourant | 'Stephen,' he ventures cautiously, 'I don't mean to pry, but -- well, but -- do you know what day it is today?' | Jon/Stephen, unrequited!Stephen/Rahm, Jon/Rahm; unrated.
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28 November 2008 @ 09:59
Cold: Torn To Tattered by smilesawakeyou | It's November. | (Supposedly part of a series, but can be read as a standalone), PGish.

Follow Through by argyletheme | Stephen first realizes he’s depressed after he consumes enough alcohol for him to drown in. That’s always the first step, he thinks, before putting the bottle to his lips again and finishes off his fifth beer. | Oneshot, NC-17.

Just Maybe. by argyletheme | 'People are going to be there, you know.' | Oneshot, NC-17.
27 November 2008 @ 09:50
No, really.

Patriot Act by sparkofmyteens | "You're cuter than the blonde," he'd offered. "But Steve, I'd suggest you not sleep with your running mate." | Oneshot, R.
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20 October 2008 @ 22:22
Four Things That Didn't Happen When Stephen Won the Emmy (And One That Did) by warriorpoet | Stephen is sitting at a table at the Governor's Ball when he feels drips of something cold and wet on the back of his neck. | Oneshot, R.

How They Know It's Love by nm_317 | “Congratulations,” he says with a grin before leaning in to Stephen’s good ear. “I am madly in love with you.” | Oneshot, PG-13.

Innocent by trustingno1 | "Secular fag," he's whispering, slowly - deliberately - against Jon's temple, and Jon smiles, sleepily, mumbles back, "You say that like it's a bad thing." | Oneshot, R.

Summer Falls by warriorpoet | This is a new manner of victory. | Oneshot, R.
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Everybody Lies, Goddammit by hairyparamecium | 'You know, the point of the game is to avoid the mines.' | Multichapter; link goes to all parts, PG-13 (includes hints of House/Wilson).

The Gospel of Jesus Comes To Flatpoint by reseda_ptah | The Friday lunch poker game is usually reserved for complaining about Jerri Blank, but today there’s only one thing on anyone’s mind. | Drabble, PG-13.
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09 September 2008 @ 22:36
Emopalooza! by bloodthreesome | 'Hey Jon! Wouldn't it be hysterical if I jumped up on your desk and licked it in front of you after the segment? It'd be so unexpected! And you're so adorable when you're startled... er, pretending to be startled.' '... Sure, Stephen. Sounds hysterical.' 'Yay!' | Oneshot, PG-13.

Godless Sodomites by chris_baby | '...You’re so square. Square Colbert! That’s gonna be your new name.' | Oneshot, Rish.

Idle Musings by sparkofmyteens | The best part is just before one of Stephen's segments. In front of the green screen for Mess O'Potamia or This Week In God, but especially This Week In God, because Stephen gets to play with The God Machine, and Jon's grinning, and, on occasion, it's hard for Stephen not to laugh, because really, all he wants is to make Jon laugh. | Oneshot, PG-13.

Improv 101 by stellar_dust | But the network had insisted, and his lawyer had informed him he had no choice, so there he was. Even though he'd much rather be out on the picket lines with his staff. Or, you know, doing laundry or something. | Oneshot, PGish.

Preparations by windatyourback | Human beings were not meant to be functional or productive at this hour, Jon decided. | Oneshot, PG-13.

Schools of Thought by sigarilyo | Jon's been doing stand-up for a long time. | Drabble, PG.

Where Butterflies Go To Die by weed_ass | In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. | Two parts (link includes both), NC-17.
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08 September 2008 @ 19:57
Dog Rescue by favabean05 | 'You're all over the news!' Amy cried. '"Stupid fucking idiot nearly drowns in LA River"!' | Oneshot, PG-13ish.

Five Times Amy Traveled Through Time in No Particular Order by darkfaery1 | Reverend Colbert rolled his eyes. 'Very well, if you wish to waste the court's time and postpone the inevitable…explain this!' Colbert held up one of Amy's knitting projects, an ear of corn. 'Did the Devil tell you to make this poppet in order to destroy your neighbor's crops?' | Oneshot, NC-17 (lots of random pairings, including Amy/John O, Amy/Stephen, Amy/Denis Leary, and Stephen/Paul).

Untitled but WIN by muffin_love77 | 'I’m Alice in Wonderland,' he giggled from the bed, kicking his feet as his steak cooled uneaten on its tray. | Oneshot, Rish.
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